Welcome to the Maine Community College System COVID-19 Readiness Course.

Thank you for all the work you have done in preparing for the fall. As part of this process, we are asking you to complete this COVID-19 training. Successful completion will earn you a micro-credential certification that will be delivered to you via email. It can be added to your education resume and displayed at work. More importantly, it provides fundamental information about practices and procedures during the pandemic. The course has 1 module as well as a quiz. (See links below.) Thank you for taking this training and good luck!

Upon successful completion of the training and quiz with a score rate of 80% or better, you will receive an email notification from Badgr instructing you to claim your badge from the Maine Community College System. Please sign up for your Badgr account and claim your badge (micro-credential). From there, be sure to share your accomplishment on LinkedIn or Facebook, or print the page and post your accomplishment!

Processing may take a day or two, so please be patient.

Please note that sometimes emails of this nature go to SPAM, so be sure to check that folder.

If you have any problems with the module or quiz, please send an email

MCCS Employee COVID-19 Training

MCCS Employee COVID-19 Readiness Quiz